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PARANOIA! (and lots of 2 part questions!)

1. Ever been paranoid while at home alone? What's the story behind that (a specific example)?

2. Anyone else having HORRIBLE sinus problems? If so, Where do you live?

3. What's the longest distance you've ever driven by yourself? How long did it take?

4. Anyone have reading material in your bathroom? Whatcha got?



1. YES! One night last week both of my roommates ended up being gone all night and it was probably about 3am. It started thundering and I was CONVINCED someone was breaking in down stairs (I live in a townhouse), I even got up and locked my bedroom door. Then I looked towards the window and saw flashing light. ANY other normal person would then realize it's a storm, not me! I then convinced myself it was flashlights of the people breaking in. It wasn't until I looked at and saw there was a storm that I somewhat calmed down again. Oh, and PS...I'm 22.

2. My sinuses want to kill me. I live in Atlanta.

3. I moved to Haverhill, MA from Atlanta, GA earlier this year (yep, lasted only like 5 weeks), I packed up everything that would fit in my car, grabbed my cat, and drove 1200 miles, alone. Driving time was like 18 hours, but I stopped in Chambersburg, PA. Five weeks later I made the trek back, and stayed in Chambersburg, PA again, oddly enough, same room.

4. Yes, I was sick last week (TMI!). I have an intouch weekly, and the perks of being a wallflower. :)
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