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the middle of the road's fine with no cars around


So, I was watching a little of The Price is Right this morning... 
It reminded me of what I enjoy most about this show - they had two contestants who just seemed thrilled beyond words to be there, and so surprised and grateful to win their prizes.  Neither was over the top crazy or wild - they seemed almost touched to be picked to play and make it up on stage. 
The dude played 3 Strikes and won a Cadillac, and the girl played Bob's Marker (or something like that) and won all the prizes and the $500 cash.  These two ended up in the showcase together, which made it just my favorite kind of show.
Now for the questions:

1. Do you like The Price is Right?  If not, what are you - a Commie?   ;)
2. What is your favorite game on the show?
3. Is this the one you'd want to play, or is their another you'd do better at?
4. What kind of contestant would you be? - excited, cool like dat, lowkey but happy...something else?
5. If you watch and see someone from your home state/town/college, does that make you more apt to root for them?

6. If you could be on any old-school game show (think The Game Show network, not the newly abundant - and abundantly silly - primetime ones), which one would it be?  Would you kick some ass, or just be on it to have fun?
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