t0xicwaste (t0xicwaste) wrote in thequestionclub,


What kinda program plays AVI files? I have Windows Media Player [version 7, I think] and QuickTime, but it's not working... I'd like to avoid downloading RealPlayer. I hate that program.

What program does everyone use to burn video files? I tried burning it with the program I regularly use, Ahead Nero but when I check to see if the video is on the CD, it doesn't show up =\

What does everyone use to download music? I run Ares Galaxy and SoulSeek. Okay, for those who use Ares Galaxy, I have some questions:
1) How do I rename files? Everytime I change it and then I shut down the computer for the night or something, the file goes back to its original name! Why is that?
2) How come you can't put brackets in the file name? It just shows up as a space. Drives me crazy.
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