Some Good Old-Fashioned Horse Sense (sunday_silence) wrote in thequestionclub,
Some Good Old-Fashioned Horse Sense

To tip or not to tip

Southwest managed to lose my bag on my return flight today. I've been home for maybe 6 hours, so no big deal at all, and they've been nothing but helpful, responsive, etc. Luggage just sometimes goes on a vacation of its own.

They just called and have sent a guy out to bring it out to me. He left the airport just before 9 at night, and I live a good 3 hour round trip from it. I'm embarassed to admit that I have no idea if I should tip this guy, since I'm generally pretty good with tipping etiquette.

So, should I tip the guy? Granted, it's his job, but it's the skycap's job to take my bags from the curb and I tip him, it's the casino cocktail waitress's job to bring me a drink and I tip her, and just generally am inclined to tip left and right -- $5 or $10 isn't an issue money-wise, certainly, it's just the etiquette that has me confused. Help me, TQC! You're my only hope! (Of not inadvertently being rude, anyway.)
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