Miss Courtney (courtneydisney) wrote in thequestionclub,
Miss Courtney

Internet without Cable or Phone?

I've just moved into a small in-law apartment that's attached to a house. The homeowners are paying the utilities (included in my rent), and have satellite cable, which they've been kind enough to offer a box for my use in the apt. Free cable - great, since I don't watch enough regular TV to warrant paying for it myself.

Internet, though - that's another story. I'm a confirmed junkie, and if I'm not watching movies on my laptop, I'm watching whatever online for entertainment. I'm going to be setting up my desktop and a big monitor to act as my TV, so though I have a TV, I'll probably be freecycling it to save space. There's no internet access in the apartment at the moment - the previous tenant had Comcast cable and internet through the phone company, so everything is accessible and ready to go.

Since I've got a cell phone (this question was prompted by a recent cell vs. landline question), I don't need a land line either, but I don't really see many options to get a decent speed without paying for either useless cable or a useless phone line to run it through.

Any ideas? If I can avoid it, I'd rather pay for just what I'll use - the internet access, and not additional cable/phone bills.

Thanks for the help!

EDIT: I'm in San Mateo, CA - sorry about that!
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