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why is it suddenly so hard for me to be single?

i've never had a steady boyfriend and i've gotten along just fine. i used to be perfectly content being single. i was able to have fun with my friends even if i was the 3rd wheel(for the most part i've had really cool friends who don't get overly lovey to the point of being rude when their friends are around).

but now a days i find myself just bursting into tears at the most random times because i'm so lonely. i will not hang out with my friends if i'm going to be the third wheel. i can't stand it. i didn't used to even notice couples but now when i see people hugging or holding hands i get pissy and jealous and depressed. i blew up at my friend the other day because she was sad that this guy she met at work is leaving the country for a year in a few days, acting like she'd never been with someone when she had just broken up with her boyfriend a few weeks before. i get really, really angry that i can't find someone and that my friends can break up with their SO and find someone new in a couple weeks or months.

short version: i'm 20 and for the most part i've been fine with being single all this time i've been attracted to guys and kids started dating(you know like 8ish years) but suddenly i just can't stand it.
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