Tom (sittolytic) wrote in thequestionclub,

Dog Poo

I live in an apartment building which used to be a gigantic house, but is now divided into four units (of varying sizes).  I walk my dog at least twice a day and at least one of those times he will poo.  I have one of those nifty poo bag dispensers attached to his leash handle, so I always pick up after him.

The communal trash cans and recycling bins are located beside the entrance to the garage, but also next to the steps leading to the front door to the girls' apartment upstairs.  My dog's poo usually goes into the trash cans, but that has become really nasty.

The bags have started becoming stuck to the bottom and when a little rainwater comes in it just gets horribly nasty.  My landlord just took the cans back from the curb (today was trash day) and tossed out a poo bag that was stuck to the bottom of one and didn't get thrown into the dump trucks with the rest of the trash.  It was oozing and moist and COVERED IN MAGGOTS.  :x

The stink and the flies are overwhelming the cans and it's pretty much driving the girls crazy (I shouldn't lol, but I do).  So I want to figure out how to deal with this problem....  Out of courtesy to my neighbors, I want to stop using our communical trash bins for poo bags.  But now I have no idea what to do with them!  Throwing them into our kitchen trash can will make the kitchen reek.

Any ideas?

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