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7:11 PM 8/3/07 · Going to BaGG for years did hit an interesting point with the current job. Particularly where Jason WarlockWarlock's concerned, as he's got this whole thing with no one at our plaace of employ knowing about the place. Even to the extent of the one time I saw someone in the building that I saw at the club and told him he informed me that not only had I not seen this person there, this person has never been there.

Just as a general rule. He never actually saw who I saw.

Still, occasionally we do discuss the place at work but he's very hush hush about it anytime anyone's in our workspace. Truthfully, I've had no problem with anyone at my previous jobs knowing I this is amusing to me how he gets about it.

On the offchance someone did hear us going on about it, I had decided to handle it creatively.

We both refer to the place as "BaGG". Anyone hears it I figured we could come up with alternatives as to what it stood for instead of Bondage A Go Go. What I initially came up with (which stunned Jason WarlockWarlock into silence and then made him explode with laughter) was the Bay Area Green Grocery.

I've been trying to think up some more:
  • Byron's Amazing Green Gerbils

  • Bob's After Gorgeous Girls

  • Botulism and Great Germs

Obviously these aren't practical. You got anything?
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