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Night Terrors

1) Do you have Night Terrors? Did you have them as a kid too?

2) Do you sleep walk? Did you as a kid?

3)When someone wakes you up when you are dreaming,no matter who it is (significant other, mother, father, siblings, friends) do you wake up panicked and have no idea what is going on?

1) I have them now and I'm 20. I didn't have them as a kid. About once a month I sit up and scream, sometimes I scream 'help me' until someone 'wakes' me up and I immediately fall back asleep. Then when I wake up, I only have a vague memory of the events and have no idea why I was so afraid.

2) I used to sleep walk as a kid, my parents would have to put me back to bed when I was walking around.

3)Anytime someone wakes me up when I'm in a deep sleep I panic. :(
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