Rock this Bitch (jesus__suburbia) wrote in thequestionclub,
Rock this Bitch

My friend is starting his first year as associate band director at the HS I just graduated from. He just called my friend and I to come help with band camp. Honestly, I couldn't be more pleased.

1. Have you ever been in Marching Band?
Just my senior year, but I was co-section leader of front ensemble/pit
2. What did you play?
Mainly top marimba, some xylophone and vibraphone
3. If you haven't been in Marching Band, did you think those kids were all losers?
The first 3 years of high school, I was severely jealous. My junior year, my orchestra director told me I couldn't be in it because we were going to Chicago, and it would be too time consuming. So senior year, I was all over that junk.
4. If you could march any other instrument besides one you play (or any at all), then what would it be?
I am auditioning for drumline on bass drum at Florida State next year.
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