Катерина (genuine_stacey) wrote in thequestionclub,

college vs. university

I really really really don't get it. Why is everyone so inclined to go to university right after high school instead of 1 or 2 years of college first? (By college I mean University Transfer Program). From what I know, college
- is way easier to get into
- is much cheaper (plus you can probably get more scholarships if you have good grades, since the competition is not as fierce)
- has smaller classes
- offers more gradual transition from high school
Oh and aren't college students getting their first choices of classes when transfering to university?

I know that universities are more prestigious to go to, plus the quality of education might be a bit better (although isn't the UT program supposed to be compatible with the equivalent 1-2 years of uni?). But I just dont understand why would someone choose uni just because of that.. I would much rather go to college first, and then tranfer to uni..

I am trying very hard but I cant seem to see the flaws of it.. Am I missing something here??..

**I live in Canada, if that matters; I'm in high school and I'm looking at 86-92% gr.12 average**
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