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Have you ever been with someone just because you were lonely? Have you ever considered it? How can I tell if that's what my feelings are towards someone or if I have genuine feelings for them?

And for something completely different...

Is "Red" a flavor? Can something taste like a color? Something like "This popsicle tastes red..."

I broke up with my girlfriend of 2+ years back in January. At the time, I thought our relationship had peaked a while back and was going downhill, and I felt that I was not "in love" with her anymore. After dating 2 people for a short period since (and remaining good friends with my ex) we've been hanging out more and I'm starting to develop feelings for her again. What I'm worried abut is that I'm just a really really lonely guy and that she's just an easy receptor to my lonely feeling and that I don't actually have these feelings for her, similar to those 2 relationships. If that makes any sense. :/ I don't want to hurt her again by thinking I have feelings for her that don't actually exist.

Red is a flavor! I'd even say "purple" is a flavor.
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