Heather (kitty48) wrote in thequestionclub,

I'm considering moving.

Which should come first, getting a job to have money?

Finding a place to stay?

I'm leaning more towards job first, place to stay second, simply cause I've done it the other way around and it turned into an ugly mess.

Also, just to make it more fun, share a funny but true story.

Here's mine!

I was in my social deviance class one day, day dreaming as always (boring teacher). Then I realized that I really wanted an A in the class, so I should participate more in class. So I told myself I would answer his next question if I could.

Right when I got out of my daydream, he asked a question.

"How to some people justify committing crime?"

I raised my hand and said "Self defense."


He stares at me and laughs a bit and says "In all my years of teaching I have never heard anyone give that answer!" Then he and the entire class break into laughter.

I'm totally confused. Then the guy in front of me turns around and tells me the professor had really asked how people justify committing the crime of RAPE!

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