Todd Michael (toddmichael) wrote in thequestionclub,
Todd Michael

Working at "big box" bookstores.

Hey TQC'ers!

Happy Monday. I have a question about working at Borders and/or Barnes & Noble. I recently moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana and I need a job. I currently have an MLS (master's of library science), but due to being restricted in my job search (because I signed a year long lease), there aren't any openings in my area for librarians. I figured that working at a bookstore would be a good choice if I can't work in a library.


  • Would having 2 bachelors degrees and a master's disqualify someone from getting hired at either of these places? (I.E. "Wow, you are REALLY overqualified to work here!"

  • Is there some "in" to getting hired at either of these places? Something special that they look for in applicants?

  • If any of you have worked at either (or both) of these places, how did you like it? How much did they pay?

Thanks in advance! I'm open to anything else that might be relevant to working at either of these places.

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