Misty (istytehcrawk) wrote in thequestionclub,

MySpace has its good points

What's something good that has happened to you because of MySpace?

For me: The usual. Reconnected with several old friends. The most unexpected thing, though, requires a little bit of backtsory.

When I was 3 or 4, I was babysat by an older woman who babysat several other girls. The woman was like a grandma to me, to the point of me calling her Grandma Dorothy. While in her care, I became close with one of the other girls there, Gwen, who was eight years older than me. After a while, the woman's house burnt down, she moved about an hour away, and us girls dissipated and lost touch.

Gwen sent me a message on MySpace less than a week ago (I hadn't talked to her in at least 15 years). She's organizing a reunion of as many of the girls Grandma Dorothy babysat, and we're all going to go visit her. I wasn't even sure she was still alive, because I knew she was pretty old when she babysat me.

I can't wait!
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