What happens when two substances collide (roasted_kiwi) wrote in thequestionclub,
What happens when two substances collide

A really fun game, guys!

Have you ever played/heard of a game called either "Invisible Football" or "Game Master?"

Is there maybe a different name for this that I could search under?

I just learned how to play it tonight at a party but had to leave early. Upon arriving home I tried to learn more about it, but Wikipedia and Google both failed me. :/
The jist (gist?) of the game is this: No smiling, talking, or laughing allowed. Sitting in a circle, players pass motions to each other. If someone acts out of turn, smiles, or laughs, other players can tattle on them by addressing the Game Master, who chooses a ridiculous name for themself, often with accompanying hand motions. Players found to be in error are given "strikes." Upon receiving three strikes, the Game Master assigns punishments a la Truth or Dare.

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