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I purchased a silk-screened poster at an outdoor concert yesterday and it rained heavily so the poster's edges got wet inside my bag. I laid it to dry but now the parts that got wet are all crinkly and don't sit flat like they should. Would it be a good idea to iron it with a clothing iron (heat, not steam)? I would put cloth over the poster so the iron doesn't touch the paper. Bad idea?
Edit: If you think that idea sucks, do you have any other suggestions for what I can do?
Edit2: Okay I went ahead and did it anyway. Nothing bad happened, y'all. It's not perfect like I want so it's under a bunch of Harry Potters to get flatter.

How many posters do you own? What of?

I have a shitload. Counting just what I have hung up in my bedroom equals about 30 and this is what I consider minimalistic.
That includes but is not limited to:
Ben Kweller (1, soon to be 2 since that's the wet crinkly poster)
We Are Scientists, Art Brut and Spinto Band
Sufjan Stevens (2)
Jon McLaughlin
Speechwriters LLC (2)
Jack Johnson
The Shins
Mat Kearney
The Kooks (2)
Ray LaMontagne
Matt Wertz (2)
Ben Folds
Cary Brothers
Josh Hoge
The Working Title (2)
Cold War Kids
The Alternate Routes
Jason Mraz (2, I'm not really a fan anymore but damn those posters look nice over my computer)

They're all musicians. I quite want some movie posters but I haven't been motivated enough to search them out.
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