Grace (ohshitwhatdoido) wrote in thequestionclub,

Sorry this is all jumbled and probably hard to read...

I'm failing at life right now. I have to leave the town my school is in because I ran out of money. I have to go back home and save up a bunch of money and get my life in order. The thing is, although I feel as though this is the worst thing that has ever happened to me, I don't really want to come back here. I was thinking of just moving to Ireland once I saved up the money. I have lots and lots of family there, so its not as random of a decision as it seems. I've been to Ireland twice, but I was too young for it to really matter.
(1)Have any of you ever done something like this before?
(2)Do you think it would be hard for me to find a good job there?
(3)Do you think school would cost me an arm and a leg?
I know that here(Tallahassee, Florida), schooling is outrageous unless you're a resident, but it also only takes 12 months to be considered a resident.
(3a)Will this hold true in Ireland?
I'm shooting for Dublin, as that is where most of my family resides. I currently pay $333 a month for my share of a 3 bedroom townhouse. Utilities usually run me around $80.
(4)Is this going to change drastically once I make the move?
I guess basically I just want some input from people who live there, or who have before, and know what its like being a 20-something making a drastic change like this. I know this is going to take far more research than just asking TQC, but I thought I would get a feel of what I'm jumping into.
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