Hate is baggage (peacealright) wrote in thequestionclub,
Hate is baggage

Sooo I have a serious situation. I'm at work, and one of the girls has this small live bamboo stalk in a little glass cup with roots and marbles that's been sitting at her desk for years. All of a sudden, about 20 minutes ago, she starts screaming. We all go over and there are WORMS swimming around in her bamboo stalk. They must have grown out of the mildew or something. They are very very small and "inch" when they move or just freak out and flail around everywhere. They are covered with "hair" and have little antennae. They were all various sizes and there seemed to be hundreds of them, they're transparent. They have a black line inside their body and in their head is a black dot that seems to be their brain. I want to know exactly what kind of worm this is. What kind of worm is this?

The extra white skinny thing at the top right is the worm. The dark things are the bamboo roots. I'd be very grateful if anyone knows what type of worms these are.
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