Our Lady of the Perpetually Inebriated (tempest_omouthy) wrote in thequestionclub,
Our Lady of the Perpetually Inebriated

Ferrito Burritos and Sunscreen

I got a new bb ferret, bbs! :D The only problem is, we've had her almost two days and still can't decide what to name her. :( Usually, especially after seeing their personalities, the names just come to us or we start calling them something that sticks. What do you guys think we should call her?
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She's a super fast runner, gives kisses and is adorable. So far, the things we've thought of and liked the best are Bella (Bella or Trix) and possibly Mia after Mia Hamm since this little girl LOVES pushing the toy ball around! Her ferret breathern are named Blondi(fur)/Deborah Harry (she's the only light coloured, non-sable we have), Stinky Pete, Meeko, and Mini (named such because at the time she was a mini of Meeko - now you have to hold them together to tell them apart because Mini isn't mini anymore!).

Also, a question noone will answer because of the super adorableness above! But I'll ask anyways! What's a good inexpensive sunblock that isn't greasy feeling? I know which one I'm going to buy for our faces, but my husband hates sunblock because of how it feels on him (he doesn't like lotion, either, so that should tell you how much he hates sunscreen) so I need something different for our arms. Living in Atlanta and having a mother who's fought skin cancer three times (so far D:) has made me paranoid. Oh, and in case it matters, I need a cheap one for our arms to make the expensive face one last longer. I read in an article written by a dermatologist that this is the way to go - but she didn't cover many options for the non yucky feeling ones. :/

PS - Please don't think we're stealing your doggie's name,bellasmommy! My husband doesn't even read TQC and he's the one who suggested Bella!
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