It's a teeth optional situation (wookiewife) wrote in thequestionclub,
It's a teeth optional situation

1. Which book sounds like it would be the most entertaining?

Possible Side Effects by Augusten Burroughs:
From the million-copy best-selling author of Running with Scissors comes Augusten Burrough's most provocative collection yet.
* This audiobook is approved by those seeking pleasure, escape, amusement, enlightenment, or general distraction. It is not approved to treat disorders such as eBay addiction or incessant blind dating.
* In some studies, people reported inappropriate, convulsive laughter, a tingling sensation in the limbs, and sudden gasping. Fewer than 1 percent reported narcolepsy.
* This audiobook has been shown to be especially helpful to those with parents, grandparents, life partners, and incontinent dogs.
* Do not operate heavy machinery while listening to this program, until you know what effects it may have on you.
* Ask your doctor about Possible Side Effects.

Florence of Arabia by Christopher Buckley:
Christopher Buckley's comic thriller takes readers to the Arab land of Matar, where a philandering emir allays his restless wife by allowing her to start a TV network for Arab women. She is joined in this endeavor by a maverick American State Department officer known as Florence, who wants to use the TV network to start a revolution among Islamic women. But before the revolution can occur, Florence must deal with the shady dealings of the royal family of neighboring Wasabia; the CIA; and a very dangerous camel.

With darkly comic insight into the politics of the Middle East, Christopher Buckley takes readers on an adventurous, wickedly funny journey into Arabia.

NOTE: These are audiobook formats for my long drives. Just in case that matters.

2. Now that the Harry Potter book is out, what book are you most anticipating the release of?
Bones to Ashes by Kathy Reichs drops on August 28th. I'll have that finished just in time for the new season of "Bones," too. Huzzah!

3. What color are your underoos/chonies/panties/boxers/whatever today?
I think mine are white with orange and blue polka dots. Not 100% sure, though.
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