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tl:dr nerd question

So, for everything you do in life, you expend energy. Walking, talking, pooping, sex. It all expends energy. You have to refuel and sleep to gain your energy back. Now, onto my question:

Do super powers expend energy just like regular daily activities?
If they don't in the comics, do you think they would in real life?
Would you want a super power if it came with an expense?

The Force expends energy and magic (such as Harry Potter brand magic) expends energy. Why wouldn't a super power do the same?

I thought of this last night while lying in bed. I was thinking that if I had a wish that it would be to be able to drive perfectly and never get into an accident. But then I thought that I could wish to fly. But how exhausting would flying be?

ALTERNATE QUESTION! Who's/what's your favorite superhero? Mine is Batman!
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