Allison (kissmeimjewish) wrote in thequestionclub,

  1. Have you sent any text messages on predictive text and said the really wrong thing lately? if so what? I just sent one on my way to work to a few friends, and a co-worker saying HARRY FRIDAY! instead of happy!
  2. Have you ever been in a tourament? I"m in my 1st one this weekend.. oddly enough for Madison's Gay Softball league, and i'm quite straight, but excited!!
  3. Is your bestfriend on LJ? Mine is wi_chicken.. but she sucks balls at postin
  4. What about your siblings? berrytone
  5. Parents? no
  6. your possee? yeah larsipoo, heralady, a_dream_weaver, deesseclotilde, kcweezkid
    7. What name should I have on my t-shirt for my softball team, the Red Canoes?
    a. lil spud
    b. kissmeimjewish
    c. tator
    d. allison
    e. other? (ideas?)
    f. small fry
    g. Allie Oop
    h. Little Beaver (no idea)
    i. daddy's Mistake
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