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Question involving poo, read at your own risk:

1. There is a log of poo clogged in the little hole at the bottom of the basin, and each time I flush it breaks up a little more. On Tuesday there will be a cleaning lady coming to clean my bathroom as per my university's requirement.

Do I keep flushing repeatedly and hope it breaks up by Tuesday? Or do I reach a hanger or other disposable item down there and try and dislodge it? I'm both cracking up and horrified at the same time.

2. What does one do when they feel their significant other is walking all over them? Do I talk to him about it or start asserting myself more? I have a tendency to avoid relationship talk because I hate feeling like an effusive female, but at this point something needs to change.

3. Who here does temp work? How long do your temp jobs generally last?
I'm hopefully going to do a 2 week stint as I need some small income until I can "break out" into my field.
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