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Australian comms, books, movies, tv series

What lj comms or forums do you know that are for Australian books and tv shows and movies? (either in general for 'Australian [book/movie/tv show]' or for a specific one) I've seen hardly any around really. And that makes me a bit sad. So I'd love as many of them listed as posible!

http://colandfrank.proboards56.com/ for Lano and Woodley. (anyone like them?)
aussie_boosh not an Australian show, but it's for Australian fans of The Mighty Boosh
cnnnn for CNNNN and The Chaser's War on Everything
lwfanfic for fanfiction about Lano and Woodley
obernewtyn for the Obernewytn Chronicles books by Isobelle Carmody.
pagansfandom for the books about the character Pagan, a squire in the 1100s, and his knight, Roland, by Catherine Jinks.
heard_of_it is for any country but we do talk about quite a few Australian things.

That's all I personally know of right now. What about you? Trying to get as big a list as possible.

What are your favourite australian books?
I love the Pagan series and Obernewtyn and other ones by Isobelle Carmody. There's lots of sci fi that's written by Australians. Right now I'm a bit blank feeling though.

What are your favourite Australian tv shows and movies? Do any of those mention or are set in Adelaide?
I love Lano and Woodley. Blank on movies right now but I know I do like some. Lano and Woodley mention Adelaide, but only as Frank Woodley's mother living there. In one episode Frank's going to leave Col, and he packs his bags to go to Adelaide to live with his mother. He is on the bus, and you see that it says "Adelaide: 666" haha. :D

Have you tried showing them to non Australians? Did they like them?
Yep, converted them! :D
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