Connie (twofishsquished) wrote in thequestionclub,

I have an external harddrive that my mother gave me this last Christmas. I haven't used in a long time, but the last couple of times I have used it, I tred plugging it into the computer and the drive doesn't show up on he computer. Also, when I plug it in to an outlet or into the computer (It has to at least be plugged into an outlet) it makes this strange sound that you can hear here. --->
Is it broken? I don't believe I've done anything to it to make it break physically. It's tipped over once or twice, but only when it's been on the floor and it still worked directly after it happened.  It's a Maxton and that's about all the information I know. Is there any way I can fix it or is the data lost forever? You guys are quicker to answer than having to go out of my way to find a place that might be able to tell me what's wrong and then make me pay them to fix it.
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