Charis (caheisey) wrote in thequestionclub,

some random Qs

1. How can a person get good exercise without (much) using their feet?

I'm recovering from a bunch of torn ankle ligaments and can't walk far, run, jump, etc. but I really am having a craving to get physically tired (I don't know if that makes sense to anyone, but that's how it feels to me).  I'm used to waiting tables and doing a lot of hard work in the course of a day when able-bodied, and then when I was on crutches they provided plenty of exercise.  Now I can walk to get around, but not much more than that.  How can I work hard and wear myself out without help from my feet?

2. Assuming you eat them, how do you like your eggs? 
   Scrambled, for me.

3. Do your friends hang out at your house, or do you usually end up hanging out at their houses? Or in public?
   For some reason, my house is never host--always a friend, or in public--but not because of any unwillingness on my part.

4. Do you ever worry that your friends don't truly like you or that, fundamentally, you're weirder than everybody else?

5. I'm usually a lurker/reader with the occasional answers or questions.  How many of us are out there?  Show yourselves!

6. Baseball, anyone?  Who's your team?
   I know I have some fellow Cub fans out there...
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