Kaitlyn (__kissmecrazy) wrote in thequestionclub,

"Toto I don't think we're in Connecticut anymore"

1. There have been at least 3 tornadoes that have touched ground here in CT. What is up with this? We never have tornadoes and back when school was back in session, we had at least 5 warnings and we were put into lock-down mode. Is this due to global warming? God hating us? Anyone else in CT as freaked out as I am? The tornadoes are heading towards Rocky Hill where my dad works and he had no idea when I called him. Plus, I'm flying out of Bradley tonight at 8 and I'm not feeling too good about this.
1b. Should I go hide in my basement?

2. So if I don't get tossed into the sky like Dorothy and Toto, I'm supposed to be flying into Orlando tonight. We're heading off to Disney and Universal over the next ten days. While I've been to Disney numerous times, I've never been to Universal. Any rides I need to ride and if I don't I'll no longer be considered American? haha How about the best thrill rides?

3. My four-year-old brother saw a coach bus and asked my mom, "How does the man gets in when the door is closed?"(since you know the bus driver is the one that opens the door) So, anyone want to explain to my little brother how the man gets in the bus?
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