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So, the SO and I are moving in together and the actual move date is set for this weekend. I've got the power and gas turned on but now I'm setting up the cable/internet and I've hit a snag that I'm hoping someone else has some personal experience with. We are moving to an area that has Comcast (which I've never used) and we'd like to set-up Standard TV (no digital) and High Speed Internet.

Clicking through the options on the website it says that I can pay $19.99 for the first 6 months of internet when you have tv and the offer is only available online. Then there's the install fees. They want $99.95 to have someone come in and "professionally" install one computer -or- if you're already a customer, you can pay just $9.95 for the self-install kit. Major difference.

My question, how long do I have to be a customer before I can order the self-install kit. As soon as service is connected, a week, a month? Anyone have experience with this?
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