Mary Anne (supermary) wrote in thequestionclub,
Mary Anne

1. What is the last mean thought you thought about a close friend of yours?
2. Are you usually judgmental?
3. Do you type out words and sometimes stare at them because they look funny even though they are spelled right?
4. Are you allowed to listen to music at work? Do you?
5. Do you have any hand me downs or stuff from thrift shops? Is that because you like the clothes or because you are poor and/or frugal?
6. Do you prefer get togethers are your house/friend's house or going out somewhere with your friends?

1. A friend of mine was telling me about a girl he kissed, and the first thing that popped into my head was "OMG who would ever kiss you? You are so ugly!" which made me feel like an absolute monster about 2 milliseconds later.

2. I try not to be, but then sometimes I think shit like the stuff on question 1.

3. Oh yea. I just did that for "judgmental". I doesn't seem right that there is no E in between the DG and the M, but I'm pretty sure that I spelled it right.

4. Yes I am, and yes I do or else the silence would drive me insane. I work all alone.

5. Lots of hand me downs, because I don't have much money.

6. Get togethers at my house or my friends house.
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