aibell the quene (sheisaeval) wrote in thequestionclub,
aibell the quene

jobs and stuff

For those who have higher education degrees:

What is your highest degree? (Bachelors, Masters, PhD, etc)
If you want to state your major as well, feel free.

Did you have a job lined up prior to graduation?
If so, how did you secure the job?

If you DIDN'T have a job lined up for graduation,
How long did it take before you got a job after graduation?
What did you do for the time being between graduation and finding that job to pay the bills, etc?
How did you eventually find a job?

Also, for those of you who moved away after graduation and didn't know anyone there,
How do you job search from afar?
Did anyone already secure a job PRIOR to moving? IF so, how did you do that, since you can't really do interviews and such if you don't live there yet.
If you found a job AFTER you moved there, what did you do in order to survive/pay bills/find a place to live if you didn't have a job when you first moved there?
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