confessions of a bathrobe werewolf (die_monster) wrote in thequestionclub,
confessions of a bathrobe werewolf

mah laundrychines...let me talk to you about them.

Ok TQC. I read the washing machine wiki article, but all I learned is that apparently any European washing machine, even if designed by some guy's armpit hair, will perform better than an American one. That's unhelpful to me.

So, I got a used WM and hooked it up, having never done this before. I put the hoses on the two spigots, and they're even the RIGHT spigots, the hot is hot, etc. what? If I leave the spigots off, the washing machine gets no water. If I turn them on, they...stay on until I turn them off, whether the WM needs water or not. Isn't the washing machine supposed to regulate this itself? I'm pretty sure that in most households you don't have to climb up on the damn washing machine, reach behind it, and turn two rusty spigots to make it go. Wtf?

What detergent do you use?

If I were out of mine, would you lend me a cup of yours?

In fact, when this damn washing machine breaks, can I do laundry at your place?
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