one by many (zooey) wrote in thequestionclub,
one by many


Say you grew up with seriously emotionally challenged parents and, at some point in your child, decided that you wanted nothing to do with one of them in particular. After several years of not talking, said parent (who happens to be slowly dying halfway around the world of his/her THIRD round of lung cancer) fires you an e-mail more or less telling you that you're an immature brat and claims that your (new) marriage is a sham.

Remember, you've not spoken with this parent for years and they've never met your spouse.

Then, they tell you that you need counseling.

What then hell do you do with that?

(Incidentally, I sent back an appropriately livid response. My sister, who is close with this parent, told me to speak with their spouse, with whom I've never spoken. WASTE OF TIME, Y/N?)
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