Wily as a coyote (fourcorners) wrote in thequestionclub,
Wily as a coyote

You open the door and there are space aliens! Big green ones! They're willing to give you a cure for cancer and the recipe for cold fusion, and in return, all they want is to perform an anal probe on you, in the privacy of your bedroom. However, their probing equipment is located on their body, somewhere around their hips. Do you take one for the team to improve the human race?

I shoot them in the face, and hope they're carrying the goodies on them

For those of you that said yes, you'd give up the anus for the good of your species, you're in mid-probe, and for some reason, the probe involves a lot of thrusting. When the probe is completed, they say the cure and the recipe will be mailed to you in 2-3 weeks. As they're leaving, you notice a zipper on the back of their necks. They walk over, not to a spaceship, but to a parked rambler on the curb. What do you do?

"Oh boy! I can't wait for the cure for cancer to come! I might be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize!"
Notch this one up to live-and-learn and what not to fall for next time you see aliens on your doorstep
Call 911 and report an illegal anal probing by two guys in a rambler with plates reading...
The joke's on them. I like anal play. I would have given up the browneye for nothing, and they had to wear clumsy alien suits to bed
Lock and load. There will be a reckoning! I'm coming with a shotgun, and hell's coming with me!

Why do you suppose space aliens are obsessed with anal probes?

Pure scientifc data. Obviously such a probe gives away a lot of information on our digestive system, our diet, and exactly the nature of organisms we carry in our bodies
Like Japan, they're a little too preoccupied with butts. Anal fixation
They don't understand the human anatomy. They think they're looking down our throats. "Say aaahhhhh"
They're intergalactic frat boys. They get liquored up on weekends, drive down to earth, pick up a farmer in Wyoming, and do a train on him, and erase his memories afterwards
Humans have the finest ass in the known universe, that's why. EARTH FTW!

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