gonzo (juvenilewreck) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. What do you think is the most obscure, yet fatally romantic love song - one that not many people know about, but everybody should hear? [links, pls]

2. In what movies/TV shows can we see your hometown? [here's the IMDb link if you don't know any]

3. Any folks who live in/have visited NYC - do you know how long the average rush/student rush ticket line is? (the ones that offer extremely discounted tickets when the box office opens in the morning) I'm planning on trying my luck for student rush tickets to see Spring Awakening and/or Jersey Boys. Any estimate of how long before the box office opens, that I should be in line?

1. Kharlo Trout "West Champion" [listen]
Tim Curry "Something Short of Paradise" [listen]

2. Corpus Christi, TX has been featured in many an episode of "Cops."
The Legend of Billie Jean was filmed entirely here, however geographically incorrect it was. My best friend's mom is actually housesitting in the big rich guy's house featured in the movie.
Selena filmed some scenes here, since this was her hometown (like the scene where her mom is teaching her to dance - that's our seawall, where my family has also spent many a bonding moment.
The Pearl Harbor folks also came here for a couple of weeks to shoot on our USS Lexington ship - it was the USS Arizona in the movie, I believe. A bunch of locals still won't stop bragging about how they got chosen as extras, and will point out the two seconds in which they appear in the background of the movie.
ETA: They're also filming the new Indiana Jones movie right now, on the Yale campus, where I'm going to college in the fall. :)
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