ñªº¹§ (pi3r4t) wrote in thequestionclub,

There's a song that has the line, "hos take off yo' clothes, hos get naked" and I CAN'T REMEMBER WHAT IT'S CALLED. I want to hear it so bad. If you recognize it do you know know who sings it or where I could find it?

If you're in a cubicle farm, what are your neighbors like? 
I'm in a square of them, and the guy to the west of me is very very gay and likes the Simpsons a LOT. The woman to the north is an oldschool hippy, with save the whales posters up and everything. She eats leftover organic beans for lunch out of mason jars. It's lol. Diagonal from me is some weird old lady who yells at me if the lights aren't off when she gets here in the morning (I'm not the last to leave in the afternoon!).

What color is your favorite pair of shoes?
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