Beverly W. (voiceinmyhead) wrote in thequestionclub,
Beverly W.

Germs in the bathroom?

For the women in the group...(and the men if you think it appropriate)

If you are one of those people who can't stand sitting on a public toilet seat, I ask why?

Is it because of people like you who get urine on the toilet seat and don't wipe it up? (since it's generally pretty hard to get urine on the seat when you're actually sitting on it)

And, what are you afraid of exactly? Is it the germs on the backs of people's legs? (Are you afraid that most people have some kind of strange "back of the thigh" germs that you may contract?)

And have you ever stopped to think that the germs acquired from using toilet paper are on your hands as well and hence living on your pants since you buttoned up before washing them?

So again I ask, if you are one of those people who can't stand sitting on a public toilet seat, why?

I'm just curious because I think the whole "hover" idea is stupid. If the seat is dry, I am sure it's fine. I have yet to see the headline about the woman (or man) who died from the germs she acquired from sitting on a public toilet seat, which is probably cleaned more often than your toilet seat at home. But maybe I missed that headline?

As an aside, if you walk into a stall and the seat is clean but the toilet is not flushed, would you change stalls or just flush it and do your business?

I have flushed and done my business, but I have also walked away. In both instances I just shook my head kind of like I do when people don't return their carts to the cart holder in the grocery store parking lot. But that's a whole other question...
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