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Dr. LJ, Dr. LJ

Paging Dr. LJ, you have a patient waiting

Hola! For all of us with eye problems out there. Have you every experienced a "Floater"  ( A dark speck in your eyes that you generally see when you look at a plain background? ) if you went to your eye doctor for it, what did he do? Anything?  Should I go see my specialist that I saw for 15 years ( and do a two hour drive to see him, if I can get in soon ), or some other doctor I've never seen before?

And yes, before anyone says anything, this is definately going to be checked out. I started wearing glass at the age of three ( and by glasses I mean thick ass bifocals ) because I had astigmatism and was cross eyed. The glasses kept my eyes straight, and then around 14 I strengthened the muscle in my eye enough to hold it straight. And gradually until the age of 17, my eyes slowly developed near perfect vision. But now that I have a desk job and sit infront of a computer all day. My eyes developed new problems, the exact opposite of what I had before. Now I'm nearsighted. I used to be farsighted. Life sucks.

Also, what is the longest you would expect to wait at the doctors office before leaving? ( if it was a non medical emergency ) 

1. Never had this sort of thing before, definately going to the doctors office to have it checked out.
2. I waited for an hour, then rescheduled an appointment and left. No one was getting in in the last half hour that I was waiting, and it was for the entire specialist floor. Not just my doctor.
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