Wily as a coyote (fourcorners) wrote in thequestionclub,
Wily as a coyote

You're riding in one of those outside glass elevators. There's one other person with you, of the gender you're attracted to, and an attractive specimen at that. Suddenly, the sky is lit by what looks like a burst of approaching light. "It's a nuclear missle! We're all going to die!", the other person says. You panic, and maybe cry. "In these last few minutes of life, wanna go out with some frantic, end-of-the-word sexin?". Your answer is ____

Yes. Let's go out with a bang as we go out with a bang
No. Impending self destruction or not, I still don't know you
I'll just lie here and go fetal. The other person can hump my unresponsive body all they want before it's all over

I'll veto all of the previous selections except for the first one. You've all engaged in passionate 'we're-going-to-die' lovemaking, lubricated with your own frustrated tears. The nuclear missle that was approaching nears your building and bursts into a brilliant array of fireworks. Guess your life wasn't in danger after all. What do you say to your elevator stranger-with-benefit?

"Oops. Our bad. Hey, let's pretend the last 5 minutes never happened"
"So...wanna get a cup of coffee?"
"OMG! What's that? That twinkling thing! Venus, you say? I bet it's another missle. What'll ya say we go for round 2? I'm on top this time"
"Rape! Pervert! Police!"
Awkward silence until the doors open, and you both scurry away
The other person bursts out laughing and says "I can't believe you fell for the ol Chicken Little stunt! Bwahaha. Wait'll I tell my friends", at which point you kill the other person with your shoe
"Thank God it wasn't the end of the world. I wouldn't want my last few minutes engaged in such a lousy lay. You! Take this second chance to watch some porn and get a clue"

In a related impending death question, you go to the doctor and are informed that you have 3 HOURS to live. How do you spend your last 3 hours of life?

Calling up and visiting everyone I care about and telling them I love them
Making all the necessary arrangements for my death, and the distribution of destruction of all the porn, kinky or drug-related material in my room
Mass killing spree. Then, as they surround me, I surrender. Won't it piss them off to know that in a few hours, I die and get away with it
With the hottest prostitute/escort/piece of ass I can find
Getting stoned or drunk off my ass. This way, I'm in the right proper mood to accept my upcoming exit off this ball of mud
WoW or chatting. I'll finish my life the way I lived it: without a point
Suicide. I can't take the wait. I'd rather go out on my terms
Cryogenics. STAT!
I'll take the subway and sit on the train for the next few hours. I pity the fool who ends up sitting next to my dead ass and not being aware of it until they watch the news later
ZOMG! This is so sad. I must make a weepy emo post in my journal
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