justxjess (justxjess) wrote in thequestionclub,

Forgive the double post, Im bored.

1.)What is your favorite season? Why?

(Mine is Fall, some sun, mostly clouds, great smelling air, harvest moon, gorgeous trees, dry leaves crackling on the ground, ect. p.s. I live in Oregon and its GORGEOUS here)

2.) What is your favorite kind of weather?
(Cool, windy, dry)

3.) I am going to a nice hotel on the beach for two nights after my wedding; a mini honeymoon before the alaskan cruise in august. I am a very healthy eater and really active. My fiancee for some reason doesnt want me to care at all about exercise/eating relatively healthy. I know its a vacation and I do plan on splurging, but should I really not give heed to health at all? Any why is he so adament I do not?
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