Jen (ryvaendell) wrote in thequestionclub,

A bushel and a peck and a barrel and a heap of questions. :)

Are there any private music teachers here in the group? (Especially piano or guitar teachers.)
If so, do/did you teach out of your home or in some other way not through a private lesson program with a school or district?
If so, did you draw up a contract for your students' parents as far as management of payments and missed lessons?
How did that work out?
Did you find that the people responsible for paying were more willing or less willing to take lessons from you if there was a contract involved?

Who here knits or crochets?
If so, do you you make felted stuff?
What's your favorite pattern for a felted messenger bag? I have seen the one on knitty already, and I'm almost considering it.
If you've made the bag from your favorite pattern, do you have a picture of it that you would link me to?
(Some variation of this question will be crossposted in a few yarny communities.)

"I love you a bushel and a peck, a bushel and a peck and a barrel and a heap..."
Did anyone sing this to you when you were little? :)
My mom used to sing it to my siblings and me, and her daddy used to sing it to her.

Why can't I find a recipe for Blonde Brownies that doesn't have nuts or chocolate chips in it?
I had a recipe, but I lost it, and it didn't have chocolate or nuts in it. I did also find one without those things, but it was also missing some of the ingredients I remember being in it. Could it possibly be as simple as leaving out a couple of cups of nuts or chocolate morsels? That seems like it would mess things up to leave out a big chunk of such bulky ingredients like that, and I'm hesitant to try.
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