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I need to contact Google because someone logged into my Gmail accounts and sent VERY personal e-mails (including pictures) to EVERYONE on my list. Friends. Family (MY DAD!). And work. A state agency. That's harassment, clear as day. Hell, the state agency will probably want to prosecute him once we figure out who it is (if they hadn't believed me when I said it wasn't I who sent the e-mails, they told me they could have charged me!). They have also effectively COMPLETELY locked me out of at least three Gmail accounts. There's gotta be IP info SOMEWHERE! And Google has to have it!

I am 99.99999% positive who did this, and I am also 99.99999% he did this from his job (LiveJournal logs IPs whenever someone logs in, and he logged in several times from his job, like a dumbass).

HOWEVER, Google hides the header information! I assume they have all of that on their servers. Buuuut, the one contact form I found on Google for abuse got NO results. This was sent last Tuesday or Wednesday, and I've received NO response.

I NEED TO CONTACT GOOGLE so that I can get true header information for these e-mails. It needs to happen ASAP. The company he is doing this from is well aware of the situation and also wants this information.

Any suggestions? I am so at a loss, which is why I am asking here. I'm going insane. If I can prove he sent these e-mails, he is so going down. (For the record, and for those who know me, it's NOT someone from LiveJournal and is in fact some random person that hardly knows me).

PS - I wonder if I had someone from the agency contact Google if they'd respond quicker?

ANY HELP AT ALL in this situation would be awesome. Seriously. I am going insane. (I was forced to resign, my DAD saw personal e-mails between my boyfriend and I, etc. It's not cool, man, NOT COOL!)

EDIT: Thank you all for your suggestions and comments. If you have any more, awesome! A lot of what was said was common sense, but my brain is not functioning correctly (I woke up in panic mode again). It needs a push. Thanks!
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