Solidus (the_pr0letariat) wrote in thequestionclub,

1) What's your favorite anime/manga? Mines Hellsing, if you couldn't tell by my icons.

2) Have you ever lit yourself on fire? What did you light on fire? How long was it on fire for? I've lit my hands on fire briefly using methane bubbles. See also: colgone (though that one hurt a lot moar).

3) Do you paroose 4chan? Where do you go? I usually look at /b/, /gif/, /h/, and /s/.

4) Would you consider yourself "open" in regards to your body/sexuality? I'd say I'm one of the most open people about that kind of stuff ever, and my friends would agree.

5) What's your opinion of guys who wear girls pants? Personally I love wearing girls pants. I don't know why, I just do.

6) How large would you say your vocabulary is?

7) Has anybody had experience with Apex Learning? How are they?
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