Jennifer (overwhelmingly) wrote in thequestionclub,

So, I drive up to Long Island from Connecticut in my beat up [bumper being held on by a bungee cord, smashed up front right light, etc.] Nissan Quest minivan and spend time here. While we're already here, one night we take a run to pick someone up and my batter/brake/gas lights are on for no reason. I have gas, my battery is not even a month old and my brake is not on. So, in a very typical me fashion, I think nothing of it. While my sister and I are driving home, the same lights are on. Randomly, the radio console just dies, and the lights in the car all start to dim while other lights, like the air bag light, turn on. The car is dying, so we take the next exit and pull into a gas station where we get a jump. Same thing happens and we call our cousins to pick us up. After a lot of pushing we eventually get the car into a church parking lot and leave it there.

1] Now, my question is, what would be my best choice of action at this point? Better even, what is wrong with my vehicle? Any knowledgable answers would be nice, because I am very lost.

2] Do you like overusing commas, even when you don't really need to?
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