Kirsty (thecatsmeow77) wrote in thequestionclub,

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If you buy a gift for someones wedding, would you expect they return it if they divorce within a certain time fame? 
How many days/weeks/months would be your time frame?
What if within said time frame the spouse dies, would you still expect it returned?

I'm related to someone (through marriage) that divorced (well started divorce proceedings) within 4months of their wedding.  I don't know her well and didn't go to her wedding, but it got me thinking/wondering if she returned all the wedding gifts or not, or actually even if it was expected.

Then that made me think about a lady who I saw on the news, who was on honeymoon with her new husband in Thailand when the Tsunami came and he was never again seen. I don't imagine she would have to return their gifts right?
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