Kristina (memyselfandi87) wrote in thequestionclub,

You all know what page protectors do, right?  You put in a sheet of paper, and it's protected from the elements, but you can also remove the paper from time to time.

Is there any such thing as a magazine protector?  I have a magazine with autographs on the front, and I want to preserve it.  Anything with adhesives IS NOT an option.  Tearing the cover off is also not an option.  It's not a thick magazine like Cosmo - my magazine only has about 100 pages, if that.  I want something that I can put my magazine into to keep it protected, but I also want to take it out so I can look through it from time to time.

I'd rather not get anything along the lines of a picture frame, but if I did, about how big of one might I need to get?

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