Skittles (tenna) wrote in thequestionclub,

Today is my boyfriend's full day off work (he works two jobs so it's rare he has an entire day off of work). It's already 4:30pm and I haven't heard from him - he told me he was going to go fishing with his father, and yesterday asked if I wanted to go, I told him "sure, if you want".

I called him about an hour ago but it seems his phone is dead... I don't know where he's at or if he actually went fishing with his dad. A friend just called me and left a voicemail asking if I wanted to hang out today.

Should I go hang with my friend if I can (dunno if I can get there, I have no transportation and it doesn't sound like she does either)? If I do that may mean I won't be able to hang with my boyfriend and that would make me very sad. :( But at the same time I'm sorta bored sitting here doing nothing.

TQC, what should I do!?

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