Rabbit-Hearted Girl (edge_of_night) wrote in thequestionclub,
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i've been holding off on getting an ipod (or anything like it) for a while now...but after carting my little cd walkman with headphones, extra batteries, and a disc (or 2) to listen to while i'm on the bus downtown, i've decided that it'd be much easier to have something like an ipod. i don't really need the really big one that plays tv shows and what not, although, that much room for music would be rad...but...i was looking at the little 4gig nanos. if you own one, have you ever had any problems with it? where did you get yours? do you absolutely love it?

if you own something else, what do you have? why did you make that choice? do you absolutely love it?

if you don't own any of these, would you? and what would you buy if you did get one?

is that enough questions for you? :)
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