My lack of responsibility is entirely your fault (disorderata) wrote in thequestionclub,
My lack of responsibility is entirely your fault


Small questions about something which is far more expansive as I see it-


You're standing on acres of flat land fenced into lots and paddocks. The paddocks contain horses. Ten kilometres/miles* in the distance, this land is surrounded by large mountains. At any compass bearing you take, there are mountains in the distance.
You have a large mirror behind you. This mirror is as high as you are tall and is as wide as the the length between your left fingertips to your right fingertips when you fully extend both arms out to your side, at shoulder height.
The mirror stands perpendicular to the ground.

You sit down, one arm's length away from the mirror.

1. When looking straight ahead [the mirror is directly behind and out sight], would one's eyes focus on objects within the field of vision in the same manner one's eyes would focus on those objects if one was turned directly about-face and looked at the mirror-image of what now lies (unchanged) behind [behind ones's own reflection in the mirror image]?

2. Would a regular SLR camera focus objects in the mirror-image as though it was focussing on a flat 2D image displayed by the mirror an arm's length away, or would it focus them as though facing those objects directly?

[I should know this, but I'm having a vacuous moment. Like, I haven't been using SLR cameras, studying photography and processing negs/prints for the last oo, 12 years |: I want to know how YOU understand it...]

3. How is focusing on objects reflected in a mirror a different process from say, focusing on objects displayed or projected onto a screen [of any sort]?

*In this instance Metric/Imperial equivalents are acceptable and any difference(s) between either lack significance to the question.

Please ignore any heavy brain-drain and thought suckage in this question. More conducive to thought than having a bath... LONG TRAIN JOURNEYS, UNACCOMPANIED. I know what I'm trying to ask, but putting it into words? >< EEEEEEEEEE...
Worst part is, there's much more in this question than I can really get down right now. Maybe another time...
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