Deana (deana_in_texas) wrote in thequestionclub,

Help me graduate?

Will you send me a dollar?

Edit: Alright, I'll add another question... Do you have any other ways of getting money fast that I could try? A few people here have given some great suggestions (thanks!) but the more the better. Thanks again!

I really hate the idea of flat-out asking for money on the internet, but... dire situations call for dire moves.

Basically, here's the deal. I'm trying to graduate with my Master's degree. After bills, rent, car payment, insurances, etc. I end up with about $400 per month to live on. This is a fine amount of money for me as long as I don't need to like... go to the doctor or get my car repaired ... I only spend about $30-50 per week on groceries/toiletries/cat food and litter, and the rest goes to gas and random crap that I need. This month I have already spent $100 of that to get my car registered and inspected, and $120 to order the regalia required for graduation, which had to be pre-ordered *grumble* - which leaves me with not a whole lot for food and gas.

In order to graduate, however, I have to get my thesis printed and bound. This is a requirement, and the student is supposed to pay for it. Why they don't include it as a fee when you sign up for the thesis class so that the scholarships will cover it, I don't know. A lot of us complain about this. Anyway, I mentioned it to my advisor, and she said she would pay for it out of her funding from the school. So great, I thought, and ordered my regalia to walk in graduation.

Except, it turns out that the school won't approve her using the money to pay for it, because the students are supposed to pay for it. She said they told her it is a tradition. A TRADITION?!?! I don't get it. Stupid, stupid, stupid. And I've already paid for the regalia, otherwise I'd just skip that and not walk in graduation - it's kind of boring anyway.

Therefore, I have to come up with about $120 to get the required three copies printed and bound and pay the UMI fee. Before the 23rd of July. So that sucks, big time. I signed up to help with some research in the psych dept, but that will only get me $15. *grumble* And really I'd like to have one copy for myself, another $20 or so... but I can live without it if I have to.

So... yeah, if you'd be willing to help, that'd be awesome. Even a dollar or two here or there would be awesome. If you want my email address to paypal it to me, just ask. Or my regular address to send it snail mail... just ask.

I'm smart enough to know I'll get a lot of "no" answers, but thanks a ton to anyone who is willing!
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